Morris the Cat Reminds You to Get a Check Up

February 19th, 2010

Guess what? It’s National Cat Health Month. This is a pretty big deal. Why?

Cats are so smooth. They can hide their health problems from you. Older cats especially may need some dental care. If you haven’t taken your cat to the vet in a while, please do so soon. Kitty may act like a hell cat while he’s there, but he’ll get to hang with you longer for your kindness and the vet’s care.

Dr. Morris Image

9Lives recently commissioned a cat food survey in honor of cat health month. That nationwide survey revealed some interesting stuff. Only 39% of cat owners polled take their cat to the vet once a year, and sadly, 26% never take their cat to the vet at all.

When it comes to table scraps, men are more likely than women to indulge their feline friends! On average, men sneak table scraps to their cats eight times a month, compared with only six times a month for females.

Another important finding to note is about kitty’s diet. Yes, it’s green to be a vegetarian, but cats are carnivores. We can’t and shouldn’t try to change that about them. Cats shouldn’t be fed a purely vegetarian diet, but 23% of owners think that it’s beneficial to them. Nope…

Now, here’s another look at that adorable Morris without his white coat. Don’t you LOVE orange kitties? Or am I just projecting here?

Morris Eating Image

(Images by Vincent Dixon)