Green spring links

March 21st, 2008
Happy first day of spring!


Roll about in rattan. I don’t know. That’s really what it looks like you’d do in this expensive wicker-bag that ecofabulous is writing about. I do like that blog though. But not sure about this rattan thing. Rattan is sustainable and springy though.

Tree Hugging Family co-blogger Jennifer wrote about 60 Eco-friendly Ways to Celebrate Spring. It’s like a nice spring breeze. Really, the ideas and the images are all so springy. Can you tell I love spring?

Put some spring in your step with SoyJoy. Or at least enter for a chance to win a full month’s supply at Pretty by Nature.

I’m going to shamelessly promote my own post at Tree Hugging Family now: Ten Ways to a Greener Easter Basket. Also, a cool contest for free and adorable kid shopping bags from Envirosax.

A neat case for reuse: a Walkman soap dish at Junk Creations. I can’t tell if it drains though. That’s important.

Green Living Tips is talking about Avoiding mosquito bites. Hmm, something that comes with warmer weather, but I still love spring anyway.