Back to School Recycled Style with Treesmart Supplies

July 31st, 2013

I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking in this case. Treesmart makes some awesome recycled pencils, colored pencils and rulers. Do check them out for your back to school shopping.

Second life for newspapers

The ruler is made from recycled newspaper and recycled plastic, while the pencils and colored pencils are made from recycled newspaper.


Have you tried pencils made from recycled newspaper? They have some character to them, though that may be difficult to see in my photos. You do see letters, and the eraser works really well.

Note the super cute packaging for the colored pencils! And, uh, the cat foot…


These are hard, just like wood. (No jokes, people.) So, don’t worry about a flimsy product. They feel just like colored pencils that are made from wood. However, do note that these are mini colored pencils.


Look at the pretty colors.


What else from Treesmart

Treesmart also makes mechanical pencils, pencil cases and supply boxes from recycled candy wrappers and potato chip bags!

Are you shopping for recycled school supplies?

Disclosure: I received these pictured items at no cost from Treesmart.