Inspiration to Clean Green

February 15th, 2010

This video is an interesting, obscene (sort of) green take on the Scrubbing Bubbles commercials. It’s sponsored by Method. Their website,, encourages you to voice your concerns about getting better labels on household cleaning products.

You can read about the Household Product Labeling Acts that, if passed, would require manufacturers of cleaning products to list ALL ingredients on the label. With or without this act, you should never purchase a “green” cleaner that doesn’t list its ingredients on the product label. If you do, you’re likely buying greenwash, not a truly eco product.

I think it’s great Method is calling attention to this problem. Though I sometimes make my own cleaners, I also use Method products, like their dilutable cleaner. Since Method doesn’t test on animals, I prefer them over products like Green Works by Clorox.

Whatever cleaner you choose, be sure to consider all the dangers of some home cleaning products.

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