The First Step to Recycling

January 21st, 2009

I know what I’m going to say may seem a bit silly to some of you.

However, I have a theory. And it’s partly based on my past experiences.

I believe that the first hurdle to overcoming not recycling is to simply drive to a recycling drop-off location and pitch in a newspaper or aluminum can.

After that, something may just click with you. You may grow to hate throwing things away. There’s nothing magical about recycling. Everyone can do it.

After you pitch in that first item, learn more about your city’s recycling guidelines. You can usually find that info on the same website that lists all other city services.

For years, I didn’t recycle, but once I started, it became a habit, just like brushing my teeth. For those of you who want to start recycling in 09, please just do it.

Visit Earth911 for more help with recycling.

(Image via stock.xchng)