Green Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

September 20th, 2010

The problem of what to do with unwanted or expired prescription or OTC drugs is very persistent, much like a gnat. The big difference is that drugs just won’t die like gnats! Flushing drugs is a good way to pollute water.

Alternatives to Flushing Drugs:

Many pharmacies are stepping up by offering free disposal of unwanted drugs. Ask your pharmacist. Unfortunately, this service isn’t mandatory.

This Saturday, September 25 is National Take-Back Day, an effort led by the DEA to help curb overdoses and drug abuse. That’s right, your friends or relatives can steal drugs out of your cabinet. Even if  you think that would never happen to you, there’s always the chance of your drugs getting stolen by drug abusers who enter your home illegally. If you don’t want the drugs, why leave them around?

Learn more about disposal sites near you for National Take-Back Day. Don’t worry, it’s anonymous. However, no illegal substances or needles will be accepted.

Shout back: I heard about this unwanted drug collection effort from Bonnie at TreeHugger. Image via MorgueFile.

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