Do you hate to wrap gifts?

September 18th, 2007

I am really bad at wrapping gifts. And it seems a little silly to me to throw away (or hopefully recycle!) all that wrapping paper. Sometimes you can reuse paper gift bags, but not always. They start to look a little, uh, used.

It makes perfect sense to have reusable cloth gift bags. I found these bags at You can use Track-a-Sack (just enter the bag’s code at to see where it has been on its journey! I find that really charming. I want to get a tracked sack.

The bags are available in different sizes and cost around $3-$7. Honestly, some paper gift bags cost that much, plus the tissue paper. With the nifty drawstrings on these bags, I think you should be able to forgo the tissue paper — and the tape!

(The bag photo is from

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