Dressing up Disposables Doesn’t Change the Ugly

May 25th, 2010

I’m wondering if makers of disposable diapers are starting to feel threatened by all the cute reusable cloth diapers on the market today.

Huggies has come out with diapers that look like jeans. They’re called Little Movers Jeans Diapers, and the marketing is brave. They come right out and use the word “poop” in their commercials to air on some networks starting May 31, as The New York Times reports.

I wanted to hurl a little when I read the quote that closes the article. A marketing chic said, “The first who has these in the play group, wins.”

Really? Cause last I heard kids who wear cloth diapers are potty trained earlier. And their parents save precious cash. Plus, all that poop plastic won’t be sitting in landfills. Hmm, not to mention baby bottoms wearing cloth diapers get to miss out on all those nasty chemicals and dyes, which in some cases may cause diaper rash or worse.

If you think Huggies and Pampers should start offering cloth diapers, tell them, please. We don’t need more decorator disposables in the world.

2 Responses to “Dressing up Disposables Doesn’t Change the Ugly”

  1. Jennifer on May 27, 2010 2:22 am

    OMG I HATE these freaking diapers. I didn’t know about the ad spot, but about five mos ago or so an editor of mine sent me the PR On these (for a baby, not green blog) and was all how cute!!! You should post them.

    Um, no. I love that editor but man I think these are the stupidest idea ever. AND yes, I assume they are jealous of the cutie cloth options. Good post!

  2. Peggy on May 27, 2010 1:37 pm

    Thanks Jennifer. I figured you’d hate these too. Maybe they want to make the diapers look more like real clothing to make people forget they’re disposable? Either way, Huggies would stand to make a lot of cash if they’d start offering reusable diapers. They just need to be convinced of that.

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