Going nowhere? Have a staycation.

April 12th, 2010

The word “staycation” may inspire an eye roll, but it seems destined for the dictionary. Staycation is a nice concept, even if it sounds made up.

When funds are low, or if you just don’t feel like getting on a plane or behind the wheel, then you can have a good vacation right where you are. Staycations can be exciting, but you’ll need to plan ahead just as if you’re traveling.


Get out of your usual routine to relax

If you work from home, a staycation can be even more challenging. Anyone enjoying a staycation should get disconnected as much as possible. Don’t check email. You can even tell people you won’t be answering your phone! If it’s in the budget, hire a maid for the week to nix your cleaning responsibilities. Sit out on that porch that you rarely use.

Enjoy the things you can’t while you’re at work

If you hate shopping on crowded weekends, now’s your chance to take in the mall when it’s nearly empty. That can be a fun break, especially if you feel like you’re skipping out on work. Go out for a nice, early dinner at your favorite restaurant. Instead of fighting traffic at 5 pm, you’ll be dining in style.

Do something touristy in your own town

A staycation provides the ideal time to go ahead and dive into local spots of interest you normally pass by. Visit some of those famous tourist attractions in your own town, and take your camera. Even if you have to drive an hour to arrive at an attraction, you’ll still have a fun experience to talk about when you get back to work.

Invite out-of-town friends to stay with you

Having overnight guests can sometimes be stressful, but judge for yourself who you’d like to stay for a night or two. You might have fun acting as a bed and breakfast host. It can be a great way to catch up with old friends from school or previous jobs.

Are you starting to warm to the idea of a staycation? Explore more staycation tips at the Consumer Reports money blog.

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