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September 17th, 2007


As promised, I sent a letter to the editor. Above is how the trash area could look, eh?

Thanks for your story, “What Goes Around,” in the Sept 6-12 issue. I agree that the new cardboard recycling program is great, and I think your suggestions on how our city could be greener are helpful. There are a couple suggestions I’d like to add.

If the city provided recycling services to larger apartment complexes, it might gain many new recyclers. Currently, if you live in a large apartment complex (multi-family housing of more than eight units), you must drive your recyclables to one of five drop-off centers around the city. I drive mine to the Agricenter drop-off. How many other apartment dwellers avoid recycling altogether rather than drive to a recycling center?

Another goal for the city’s recycling program should be to accept plastics higher than numbers 1 and 2. There are several number 5 plastics that I currently throw away because they aren’t accepted. I realize that our city certainly isn’t the only one that doesn’t accept plastics with numbers higher than 2, but providing these services in the future is hopefully a goal of our current recycling program.

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