Cardboard boxes

July 15th, 2007

I’m a regular person with good intentions. Yet, intentions aren’t going to get me or my neighbor Fred anywhere. I’ve been meaning to ask my apartment manager how we can get a recycling program at my rather large apartment complex. I’ve been meaning to buy mesh grocery bags instead of using the plastic ones from the store. I’ve been meaning to teach my cat, Choco, how not to bother me while I’m at the computer. Maybe some of these things are possible. Teaching a cute, but obtrusive cat, no.

I am going to ask myself to become more aware of the small daily things, the subtle changes in habit, which can help our Earth. And I’m going to share those things with you. I’ll even tell you about my failures. Learn with me as I experiment with my surroundings, with my daily habits, with how my life affects our Earth.

I promise not to turn into a preachy environmentalist. I won’t judge you. I won’t grade you, or make you study. My first quest is to simply find out why my apartments don’t have recycling bins. Our two compactors are often overflowing with trash on the weekends. Much of this is probably recyclable. If I can’t get recycling bins added, I’m going to find out where to drop off my recyclables. Easy enough, right? Well, I have to actually separate my trash for recycling. Though I’ve taken cardboard boxes to recycling after I moved, I’ve never separated my household trash. No open-top trash containers for me since Choco would dive right in.

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