July 16th, 2007

(correction: I wasn’t talking to the apartment manager after all. It was a community manager or something like that. The real apartment manager was much more helpful.)

Still no e-mail answer after a day, so I decide to try to call again. And, wow, it’s the elusive apartment manager herself. I’m graced. She is taken back by my question about whether the City handles our trash. I can tell by her awkward pause. She probably flipped her hair and pursed her lip too. Perhaps this is a stupid question. After I tell her the reason for my question she informs me that the City would not provide recycle bins. Ok. Maybe the City needs a letter to the editor?

Since I’d be much more likely to recycle with the bins close by, I decide to call the City. Maybe I could start some new, good habits among my neighbors. I could get Fred to start recycling. (Fred’s a non-name since I don’t know any of my neighbors by their names. I know them as the girl with the brown dog, the crazy lady who comes from somewhere and talks to the ducks, the guy always running down the stairs and the neighbor directly across from us that I’ve only seen once – as I was leaving with suitcases for a weekend trip.)

And speaking of starting good habits, here’s a website you should check out if you haven’t already: Among other useful delights, you can answer a few questions online to reveal your environmental impact. The range is 150-900 with lower being better. My score is 283. Not so bad, could be much better.

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