Saturday’s Stairs: Does McDonald’s hate chickens? And what should you do with foam egg boxes?

April 17th, 2010

Grist has a post by Lisa Hymas with a hardy 232 comments and counting. While most readers don’t find harm in Lisa’s post, Say it loud: I’m childfree and I’m proud, others are a tad outraged. Lisa wasn’t trying to convince others to be childfree. She was stating that she made her decision and she’s not ashamed to admit it, though it seems that society condemns the childfree at times. Read Lisa’s childfree post and see what you think.

Michael the chicken advocate (that’s what I’m calling him) at treehugger had an eye-opening post you shouldn’t miss. You may think twice about buying an Egg McMuffin: Why Won’t McDonald’s Accept a Requirement for Even Just 5% Cage-Free Eggs?


It’s almost Earth Day, but it’s not too late for The Earth Day Groceries Project. Check out Jennifer’s post at Growing a Green Family for the details on this fun project for kids and grocery shoppers.

And How Can I Recycle This? asks what to do with plastic or foam egg boxes. Maybe you have a few from Easter… As always, readers have some good suggestions! Me? I just avoid them by choosing recyclable cardboard egg boxes, though I’d like to have my own egg-laying chickens again one day.

Linette has an Earth Day project for you and the toads. Well, the toads would get to enjoy all your work. Check out how to make a recycled toad house at Home and Garden Cafe.

And, if you missed it, please check out my post on how I’d really like more stores to carry recycled paper towels!

Happy Saturday, and don’t forget it’s Farmer’s Market time now in many areas.

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