Count Up to Earth Day: Tip 19 Cool Down Your Water

April 22nd, 2012

This post is part of a series counting up to Earth Day on April 22.

You may think filling your own bottle with water is too much trouble, but have you thought about how much cooler your water can be?

When it’s hot out and you’re sitting by the pool, wouldn’t it be oh, so nice to have a bottle of water than stays cool?

Forget the disposable plastic water bottles that can leach BPA. Go with something cool like an insulated BPA-free water bottle.

My favorite water bottle for keeping things cool is the thinksport.

I’ve been using my thinksport water bottle since 2009 and it has never failed me when I wanted a cool drink, even when it’s 100 degrees out!

(ok, even though it’s been a long time ago, i feel you should know that I got this water bottle for free to review. however, i’d really not still be talking about it years later if I didn’t clearly love it!)

Review: ISO 70 from Laken

October 6th, 2009


I’ve been using an ISO 70 water bottle from Laken. It’s a modern-looking, but very functional water-bottle-BPA-freewater bottle made in Spain.

I received the bottle for free from Laken for review purposes.

Things I really like about the ISO 70:

  • It holds a large amount of water.
  • It’s insulated, keeping things cooler than my SIGG did.
  • Wide-mouth opening means bottle is easier to clean.
  • Bottle is 100% recyclable.
  • Like all Laken bottles, ISO 70 is certified BPA free.
  • It’s comfortable to carry around.

The only disadvantage I found is that the bottle may not fit in smaller drink carriers in some cars. It fits fine in my husband’s truck, but wobbles a little in my Civic drink holder. Overall, I’m impressed with the bottle. It seems to be very durable and well made.

Have you tried any Laken water bottles? Does the BPA-free certification make you feel more comfortable trusting Laken?

Review: Eco Canteen Water Bottle

May 4th, 2009

Eco Canteen is a stainless steel water bottle from a non-profit company by the same name. They describe their efforts as a “labor of love,” doing all they can to get people off of bottled water.

I received a bottle at no charge for review purposes. I tried the adult size, which is 26 ounces and made of food-grade stainless steel. An insulated tote is also available, but I didn’t try it.

One nice thing about the Eco Canteen is the large opening at the mouth. It makes cleaning easier than with the SIGG bottle and it’s lighter to carry. The lid is easy to remove and re-secure. I didn’t notice any leaks. Of course, it’s also completely BPA free.

Overall, I think this is a good basic water bottle for a fair price ($9.99). Though not as decorative as the SIGG, it still gets the job done. If you’re looking for good office gifts in the $10 range, I’d suggest these.

The only thing I don’t like is that a video starts playing when you visit the Eco Canteen site. Sure, you can turn it off, but it’s just a pet peeve of mine.

Still not convinced you should ditch bottled water? Keep in mind that a 20 oz bottle of water takes 5 oz of oil to produce and ship, plus you’re left with a plastic bottle that’s not so reusable.

(Image from Eco Canteen)