Blog Action Day 2011: Food Is a Right

October 16th, 2011

Food is a right. Everyone deserves food, especially young children who can’t always fight for what they need.

Sometimes food gets caught up with war. And the right to food can get trampled. Drought can make famine worse, but it’s not the complete cause.

In the Horn of Africa, people are being denied the right to food. Millions are facing death, many of them young children.

The famine in the Horn of Africa is the worst in 60 years. It’s not some passing thing any of us should forget until a solution is found.

Today is World Food Day and Blog Action Day. Bloggers from 100 countries are talking about food today. (Use hashtag #BAD11 on Twitter.)

What can you do?

Read about the crisis in the Horn of Africa. Pass on the facts. is a great place to start.

Money isn’t everything. Groups like are more interested in hearing you speak out about this crisis.

If you want to give, USAID from the American People,, makes it easy.

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