Choose Organic for Frogs Too

March 14th, 2010

Organically grown food does sometimes cost more and there’s debate about whether it’s more nutritious. However, there’s not much debate over whether organic food is good for wildlife and the environment.

Each year, millions of pounds of the herbicide atrazine is used on crops in the United States. It’s a particular favorite of corn farmers.


Now there’s new evidence that long-term exposure to low levels (2.5 parts per billion of water) of atrazine emasculates frogs. Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley found that atrazine chemically castrated three quarters of lab frogs and turned one in 10 frogs into a female. Read more about this study at CNN.

Aside from what this may do to the frog population, do you want to eat food grown with this herbicide? Yuck. It’s another reason to go organic whenever you can. Save the frogs. And be healthy.

(image via sxc)

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