Eco-friendly Renting Suggestions

March 27th, 2010

If you rent, it’s easy to feel stuck with choices that someone else made. Yet, you could have more options than you may imagine.

In honor of the upcoming 40th Earth Day, commissioned a national survey to see what Americans think about eco-friendly apartments. They found that 86% of Americans would prefer to live in an eco-friendly space. Plus, 55% of Americans are willing to pay more for the eco-friendly vibe!


Landlords will start to listen, but you’ll need to make suggestions. If you’re on the hunt for a new space to rent, has a few tips (which I’ve paraphrased below) on how to get an eco-friendly fix:

  • Get your appliances upgraded. Ask the landlord to consider replacing older appliances with newer energy efficient models before you sign the lease. If your landlord is the one paying the water bill, throw this out: Many newer dishwashers use significantly less water per load than washing dishes by hand.
  • Get earth-friendly paint (non-toxic and zero or low VOC). Most rentals are painted before new tenants arrive. Take charge to get the paint you want. Ask your landlord to let you choose the paint. If you encounter resistance, ask if it’s possible for you to supply the paint if they pay for the painters.
  • Get insulated. Ask whether the rental is insulated. Many older buildings weren’t built with insulation. If that’s the case, find out if your landlord is willing to have insulation installed in the walls, which can help you save on heating and air conditioning costs.

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