Oil Spill Facts to Ponder

June 10th, 2010

While the giant Gulf oil spill will continue to affect wildlife for years to come, have you thought about what could have been done with the oil that’s on a killing spree?

First, I have to say that I’m against drilling for oil deep in the ocean for obvious reasons (just ask the brown pelicans), but James J. Corbett, a professor of marine policy at the University of Delaware, has been doing some serious research into what could have been.

According to Corbett, on May 31 (day 41 day of the oil spill), the lost fuel could have powered a freight truck during 17 trips across all 4 million miles of U.S. highway.

But we don’t need to rely on offshore drilling.

Corbett says that if automobile fuel economy is improved to 35.5 miles per gallon, which is proposed by the Obama administration, then we’d offset demand equal to the energy lost by 199 years of Deepwater Horizon daily releases.

Interested in more facts?

Corbett launched a website reporting lost uses of the fuel on a daily basis.

(image from wikimedia commons)

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