Transocean’s “Best Year” 2010

April 4th, 2011

What’s a crappy apology sound like?

Transocean Ltd. said that calling 2010 their best year ever in safety “may have been insensitive.”

Who is Transocean? Only the owners of the oil rig that exploded last year in the Gulf, killing 11 workers and dumping lots of oil into the ocean. That’s all.

Yes, this U.S. Coast Guard photo is from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. That’s what safety looks like, folks.

It’s disgusting that a company responsible for one of the biggest environmental disasters in U.S. history could then give their top executives big, fat raises (and bonuses) and say they’ve had their best year ever for safety! Yes, they were speaking of the same year — the very same year (2010) of the oil disaster.

The exact words they used to justify the raises were that they had “the best year in safety performance in our company’s history.”

What’s wrong with these people? Better yet, should we continue to trust them with oil drilling?

Here’s an idea for you Transocean president and CEO Steven L. Newman: Give that $374,062 bonus and part of your new $1.1 million salary to families who lost loved ones in the explosion. And then give some to environmental groups who will be fighting this disaster long after you’ve turned your back on it.

Update 4/5/11: Seems like they decided to donate about a fourth of the bonus money. Read about it at CNN: Transocean executives donate safety bonuses to rig victims’ families

(image via wikimedia commons)

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