Cooling Thoughts in Heat Wave

July 7th, 2010

Densely populated areas like New York City can become “their own overheated micro-climates,” says CBS News. However, planted rooftops can dramatically help cool things down. Plus, they’re pretty to gaze upon.

Besides having a cooling effect in busy urban areas, container gardening or roof landscaping may also help provide relaxing areas for people who don’t live near green spaces.

So, they’re cool in more ways than one! Learn more about rooftop gardening on a budget at Green Home Guide.

News on Rooftop Gardens

Stuart Gaffin and his students at Columbia University are studying the cooling effect of planted rooftops. He says that green roofs cool like street trees. That’s great news for crowded cities with few trees.

According to Stuart (via CBS), the rooftops in Times Square and other NYC locations can do the work of  “20 tree-filled Central Parks!”

(Image via flickr/pnwra)

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