Count Up to Earth Day: Tip 8 Use Microfiber to Remove Pet Hair

April 15th, 2012

This post is part of a series counting up to Earth Day on April 22. Check back for the rest of the 22 tips!

I love my two cats, but they do create extra work. However, I don’t have to use that much extra energy (the electrical type!) to get their kitty hair off of my upholstered furniture.

Please don’t think that your best choice for removing pet hair from furniture is a disposable product. Companies want you to think that. After all, those refills cost bucks.

Products like the Furniture & Upholstery Flat Surface Lint Roller by Scotch-Brite are lazy and wasteful. Yes, it’s a roll of sticky tape on a plastic handle. And yes, there are other products like that marketed to pet owners.

I get that you don’t always want to get out your handheld pet vacuum each time you want to remove pet hair from the sofa. And, yeah, it can be annoying to attach the appropriate tool to your large floor vacuum. Those things require electricity anyhow. (But you’ll need to use them sometimes!)

The pet hair removal option I’ve been loving lately is microfiber. I know that it’s made of polyester and nylon, two materials that aren’t eco-friendly. However, microfiber is extremely durable, and you don’t have to plug it in to charge or buy refills. And it’s machine washable.

All you really need to do is swipe your fabric with the microfiber cloth and the pet hair will attach itself to the cloth, and also roll into balls. It’s amazing, really.

I would be very completely super surprised if microfiber damaged your upholstered furniture, but there are many types of furniture fabrics, and brands of microfiber products, so please test first. Microfiber cloths are also useful for other household chores, but don’t forget to use a freshly washed cloth if you’re cleaning a hard surface that may scratch.

Have you used a microfiber cloth to remove pet hair from furniture?

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