Saturday’s Stairs: Wasps & Pods

May 8th, 2010

This issue of Saturday’s Stairs is bought to you by my cat in a basket, Choco. I replaced a glass fruit bowl with this wire basket for safety after the vase incident, but Choco thinks it’s his bed.

In case you don’t know, I’m a fan of the always fun and informative “Ask Umbra” column over at Grist. This week Umbra took on the question of how to repel wasps without killing them.

Speaking of the outdoors, would you ever consider adding a cute little prefab OfficePOD to your backyard? It may be what your work-at-home soul needs. SHFT featured them recently. (Yeah, I’m an “Entourage” fan, and that’s how I made my way to Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer’s new eco site, SHFT. It’s nice, though it can take a while to load.)

Now that we’re on the topic of work, have you ever considered that your tax dollars may be supporting someone’s bottled water habit? Eek! Find out more at Growing a Green Family.

You may not always be able to control how your tax dollars are spent, but if you’re car shopping soon, you can hopefully keep your dollars green. The Kelley Blue Book is now ranking their top 10 green vehicles for you, and Wallet Pop Green can direct you there. Yeah, it’s a bit strange to see SUVs on a green auto list, but I suppose some families are large enough to actually need them.

Finally, are you, like me, still looking for a very last-minute Mother’s Day gift? Check out a mega list of suggestions at Green Options then figure it out right now. Stop procrastinating.

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