Climategate Proven Ridiculous by Koch Brothers

October 27th, 2011

Why aren’t we hearing more about how new research, funded in part by global warming deniers, proves that Climategate was a bunch of fuss over nothing?

Something tells me you won’t hear Fox News talking about findings from Berkeley Earth Project, which reveal that Earth really is warming. I wonder if Rick Perry got the memo?

I guess the manufactured Climategate was so popular because everyone loves a scandal, but this new research shows us that scientists have closely replicated the findings of those accused of manipulating data and exaggerating global warming during all the Climategate nonsense. And what’s so great about this is that the Berkeley scientists were partially funded by people who lobby against the acceptance of global warming as manmade!

BBC reports that part of the funding for the Berkeley group’s research came from the Koch brothers, billionaire industrialists who give money to lobbyists who want us all to think that global warming isn’t real.

After all the accusations of Climategate, there was a decline in the number of people who believe that global warming is real. The media should be giving the new research more coverage. How else will the harm done by e-mail hackers be overcome? I don’t dare dream that anyone will apologize for accusing scientists of manipulating data, but more people can now talk about how new findings support previous research completed by scientists who were demonized by groups who want to brainwash us all.

Do you believe Earth is warming?

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