Gimme 5 Collected 50 Tons

November 18th, 2010

If you’re wondering where to take those plastic containers marked with the number 5 recycling symbol, join everyone who’s been taking them to Gimme 5 at Whole Foods or a participating co-op.

In 2010, recyclers took in 50 tons of yogurt and sour cream containers, and items marked 5! That’s double the amount received in 2009.

By recycling these containers, often not accepted by local centers,  you’re not only helping to reuse the oil and natural gas it took to make the containers in the first place, but you’re keeping more stuff out of the landfill.

Join Gimme 5 Recyclers in 2011 (or right now)

It’s really easy to do. I keep my rinsed number 5 containers in a separate reusable bag. When it’s full, I take it to Whole Foods to dump it out in their Gimme 5 receptacle about once a month. And find some great chocolate while I’m there!

The items you take in don’t have to be Stonyfield yogurt containers, Brita filters, Tom’s containers or Preserve toothbrushes. Any brand marked 5 is accepted.

Read all about it at Gimme 5 by Preserve.

If you don’t live anywhere near a location that accepts number 5 recycling, then mail your items.

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