Let’s Build Cat Nooks like Frank Lloyd Wright

December 11th, 2011

When I was least expecting it, I happened upon a built-in cat nook inside a historic building. This happy surprise was part of my visit to San Francisco in November. Do you recognize the building?

Xanadu Gallery, located on 140 Maiden Lane, is housed in the beautiful building that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. If you’re walking by (it’s just off Union Square), be sure to also check out Wright’s signature in red just to the left of the entry. And, yes you should visit this art gallery to see the lovely stairs inside.

This kitty nook, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is currently being used for storage. I suppose the current occupants of the building aren’t really set up for cat keeping. After all, a roaming kitty can really mess with expensive art!

Why aren’t we designing houses with built-in spaces for pets?

It would save space and cash that’s spent on cat houses or condos that only last a few years. A nicely built, permanent kitty nook would be greener than stuff offered at most pet stores.

What do you think of designing houses with pets in mind?

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